Our team has been hard at work this year on some exciting platform updates. From web and mobile app improvements across Keg Tracking and CRM, to the release of our Smart Monitoring platform, we're excited to share all that's new at Kegshoe.

In addition to the exciting product updates, we'll also be live on site for both CBC and CBAC in May. Keep reading for more details on where to catch us!

Keg Tracking

Unit & Location Maps

Monitor your units and locations with our responsive map views. Available now on your Dashboard, Locations, and Units pages.

Inventory Summary

Manage product & container inventory levels across all of your storage locations with the new Inventory Summary table.

Dashboard Optimization

Our web platform has been completely overhauled in the background to improve reliability and speed. You'll notice a cleaner interface, fewer bugs, and the most powerful performance yet.

Kegshoe CRM

To those being introduced for the first time, welcome to Kegshoe CRM! Built to power craft sales, CRM allows for a beverage-specific approach to account and contact management. Dial in your sales team with recurring follow-ups, interaction logging, live inventory, and advanced reporting across our web and mobile applications.

Contact us to learn more!

Mobile Additions

You can now create CRM Accounts and Contacts on the road from our Android and iOS apps.

Interaction Images

You can now attach photos to account interactions from the web. Log displays, tap lists, events, and more.

Account Import Tool

Easily import your entire database to Kegshoe CRM with one click. Available now via your Accounts page.


Smart Monitoring: Now Live

Kegshoe and Binary Beer have announced a partnership to bring smart keg tracking technology to breweries and distributors in North America.

The partnership combines Kegshoe’s keg tracking software with Binary’s next-gen KegLink™ sensors, allowing breweries to track live keg locations, movements, temperature, and product consumption.

Smart kegs represent a technological leap in the industry. From automated pick-up notifications, to live product quality and sales monitoring, breweries will be able to improve operations and reduce or eliminate keg deposits — all while running a more sustainable business.

The North American rollout of the technology is now underway, and will expand in the coming months. Breweries can learn more and register for early access by visiting kegshoe.ca/smart.

May Conferences

The Kegshoe team will be live on site for both CBC – Booth 3247 – and CBAC – Booth 115 – during the month of May. Whether you're visiting Minnesota, Calgary, or both, stop by for a chat!