For most craft breweries across America, self distribution makes sense. Time intensive and expensive at onset – sure – self-distro offers control over where products are sold, what margins are maintained, and how market relationships are managed over time.

That said, self-distribution isn't a luxury every craft brewery in the United States has access to.

Across America, individual states are responsible for setting their own distribution and direct-to-consumer (DTC) shipping laws. Understanding how to navigate the two- and three-tier distribution system can be complicated, and you'll need to understand the state laws in place prior to moving your product.

Below you'll find a summary of US brewery distribution laws by state.

State Self Distro DTC Shipping
Alabama No No
Alaska Yes Yes
Arizona Yes No
Arkansas Yes No
California Yes No
Colorado Yes No
Connecticut Yes No
Delaware No No
District of Columbia Yes No
Florida No No
Georgia No No
Hawaii Yes No
Idaho Yes No
Illinois Yes No
Indiana Yes No
Iowa Yes No
Kansas No No
Kentucky No Yes
Louisiana No No
Maine Yes No
Maryland Yes No
Massachusetts Yes No
Michigan Yes No
Minnesota Yes No
Mississippi No No
Missouri No No
Montana Yes No
Nebraska Yes Yes
Nevada No No
New Hampshire Yes Yes
New Jersey Yes No
New Mexico Yes No
New York Yes No
North Carolina Yes No
North Dakota Yes Yes
Ohio Yes Yes
Oklahoma Yes Yes
Oregon Yes Yes (Limited)
Pennsylvania Yes Yes (Limited)
Rhode Island No Yes (Limited)
South Carolina No No
South Dakota Yes No
Tennessee Yes No
Texas Yes No
Utah Yes No
Vermont No Yes
Virginia Yes Yes
Washington Yes No
West Virginia Yes No
Wisconsin Yes No
Wyoming Yes No

Distribution data courtesy of the Brewers Association.

Note that these laws are interstate, and that expansion into states outside of your own will require a re-assessment of distribution regulations. If you're operating in a state where self-distribution is legal, we recommend you read up on the key differences between distribution options to ensure you select the best alternative for your business.

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